Rehome Your Pet

East Coast Adoption Agency provides services to those who need assistance in finding a new home for their pet. Although we do not take in surrendered pets from the general public, we give you the option of using our agency to help you find your dog a new home instead of resorting to your local animal shelter. We strongly urge that you seek all methods possible to keep your animal before deciding you want to let them go. This is very stressful for them and there are some great trainers out there than can help you with your situation!

How does it work?

By using our agency to assist you, you can rest easy that your dog will go to a responsible, caring family, and he or she will be cared for. After speaking with our President, we will get you set up. Than, fill out the fillable form by clicking the button a little farther down on this page (labeled "The Rehoming Application"). You'll also need to email some great pictures of your dog to (you can also upload them during the rehoming application process). Your dog will be posted on popular websites for adoption, and WE will review potential adopter applications (and check references for you).

When we find matches, we will send you the information of the interested people. From there, you can decide which family you'd like your dog to belong to. We will answer any questions you may have along the way.

To qualify for this service:

  • Your dog must not have a bite history
  • The animal must belong to you
  • You are not "selling" your animal for profit
  • You must be completely sure you would like to rehome your dog
  • Your dog must be up to date on all appropriate vet care.

We charge a $50 fee for this service, which will be refunded to you by the new adopter, who will be giving you this amount at the time they adopt the dog from you.

Here's what we need from you:

You will need to fill out our rehoming application by clicking the link below. After filling out the rehoming application and sending some photos, (this is required on the rehoming application) you will need to pay your rehoming fee (remember, you will be receiving this fee back from the new adopter when they adopt the dog from you). Once we have the application and the paid fee, someone from East Coast Adoptions will contact you to follow up and get the ball rolling.

If you've made the decision to rehome and you're ready to proceed, click the link below to access...