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During the course of the last few days, as we were preparing to wind down our East Coast Adoptions ‘Happy Tails Photo Calendar Contest’ on Dec. 15th, disappointingly, our Contest Director determined that the integrity of the contest had been compromised.

In plain language, some folks (apparently) took advantage of our wanting to make the contest easy to enter (and vote in) and were able to accumulate votes in a variety of manners unintended or anticipated for a simple photo calendar contest (and fundraiser) by a non-profit organization. For example, a few pictures were receiving 500+ votes in an hours time from various different countries. This is very suspicious, but unfortunately due to legal reasons we can not simply remove the photo from the contest.

So, it is with sadness that, in accordance with our contest rules, (specifically, #9, #26 and #30) effective immediately, the contest has been terminated.

We apologize to all of our loyal followers and friends who have participated. A few of us have spent countless hours preparing our calendar templates, contacting printing companies, answering questions etc for this fun contest and we are deeply upset that this situation has arose because of people not playing fair.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Persons that purchased a pre-sale calendar, will receive a full refund (via their method of payment from Paypal) within the next 3 to 5 business days (you will be contacted, via email to make arrangements).

We will, at a later date, attempt this contest again but with much stricter security measures in place to eliminate the opportunity to “pad” the vote count to their benefit. This has been a learning experience to say the least.

Due to confidentiality and simple human decency, we will not make public the names of the entrants/entries that appear to have taken advantage of the system.

Finally, we will not respond to any messages or comments regarding this action/post. Unfortunately, what happened can’t be changed..and we have dogs we need to care for.


Thank you.


Sarah Hill, President East Coast Adoption Agency
Paul Robaszkiewicz, Webmaster/Contest Director, East Coast Adoption Agency
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A few extra tips on submitting a great photo suitable for printing.

  1. Shoot at the highest resolution your camera has.
  2. Do not crop your photo or alter it (unless you know what you’re doing). Our graphic designer will take care of making sure the photo fits for the contest and is suitable for printing.
  3. We may ask you to (if you have not done so already) send us the original digital image.
  4. More to follow on the day we start accepting images.