Time For Heros

So You Want To Adopt A Dog

Great! You're thinking about adopting a dog from East Coast Adoptions. Now what?

We've assembled a few FAQS to inform you not only of our process but some general information that may come in handy along the way. Simply scroll down the page to view our FAQS.

ECAA Adoption FAQS

How do I adopt a dog? What is the process?

By filling out our easy online Adoption Application. It only takes a few minutes and somebody usually will get back to you within 24 -48 hours. Please note, you can fill this in online or select the printable version to mail.

Typically, we add new dogs on Wednesdays to the website as well as our Facebook page. Once an adopter's application is submitted, we start the process. We will confirm your information and, if your application is approved, we will notify you either via phone or email.

Please note: Often we get more than one application for the same specific dog. We process them in the order we receive them.

We then set up a day and time for you to come meet the pet in person.  All adoptions are by appointment only. If you're interested in adopting that day, you'll sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. You will be able to take your new dog home at that time. We will provide you with the dogs vaccination records as well as a folder of useful information to take home. We will also go over all of the information with you as far as feeding schedules, scheduling your first vet visit as well as answer any other questions you may have.

We are always available after adoption for any advice you may need.

Are there any adoption requirements?

Yes! East Coast Adoptions currently requires that:

  • Pets you currently have or have had in the last five years must have been kept current on vaccinations and must have been spayed or neutered.
  • Adopters be at least 18 years of age and have a valid government issued picture identification.
  • If renting or leasing, you must have your landlords signed consent (download our consent form here) when you come out to pick up you new pet.
  • You should be ready to take your new furry friend home with you that day.

Until the adoption fee has been paid and a contract signed, pets are considered still available for adoption, will remain on the website and we will continue to take applications and screen potential adopters.

Why do you charge a fee & what is it used for?

We charge an adoption fee to cover the costs incurred by our organization and our fosters. Our adoption fees cover a variety of costs. Here is a breakdown of where the adoption fees go for one dog:

  • Transport of a puppy from their kill shelter: $100-$175
  • Prior medical care: $40-$100+
  • Health certificate: $30-$100
  • Basic care when with us: $40-$75+
  • Basic/Extensive Medical care when with us: $30-$1,000+
  • Spay/neuter (depending on age while in our care)-$100

Of course, those fees vary with some costing more (emergency care, extraordinary medical issues, etc.) and some costing less. Our fees are based on these costs, averaged out over the amount of dogs we save each year. All fees received go directly back to being able to take in and adopt even more dogs. Additionally, all the fosters also must have various items on hand for the dogs in their care. There are crates, pens, dog food, cleaning supplies, office supplies, towels, blankets...the list goes on and on! We could not operate the way we do without our adoption fees. The adoption fees may vary.

*If you are able to contribute more than your adoption fee, that is greatly appreciated as well as a tax write off for you!

What type of dogs do you rescue?

We started out our rescue in 2007 just adopting out older dogs that came from WV. These animals are from kill shelters, and would be euthanized just like any others for lack of space. It is hard to believe that there are shelters out there that have to euthanize dogs and puppies due to lack of space, but it happens extremely frequently in rural areas.

In many shelters, they will euthanize them if they have kennel cough, or show any signs of illness, immediately.

We welcome all breeds into our rescue. If the puppies have a mother, we will take her as well if she is available, and will have her spayed, and heart worm tested before she comes to us and into a foster home. Many times litters are found abandoned and taken to a shelter without their parents.

What if I do not get the dog I want?

If you missed out on that particular dog, your application will stay on file so you will not need to submit another.

If you see a dog in the future that we post, feel free to directly reach out to the foster that has them to set up an appointment. Their information can be found here.