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Each week we receive new dogs from high kill southern shelters and we list them here, on the website.

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East Coast Adoption Agency is always looking for new, dedicated foster homes for some of our dogs. If you feel this may be for you, we encourage you to apply to be a foster, using the link here. We will review your information and, if you seem to be a good fit for our organization, we will contact you to complete the process

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  • We adopted our dog Max on December 4th. His original name was August and he is such a good boy and loving his forever home. We got his DNA done and wanted to share as he had two siblings originally Arc and Apple.
  • This is my Trigger! We adopted him in August 2017 from Sarah, we are hoping to connect with those who adopted his litter mates. He was originally named Barton and we know he had a brother named Badger! Thank you for all you do for these puppies! Trigger is the best dog and we love him so much!!
  • Thank you Emily! We believe Jeff was born in August 2020 and we picked him up from Emily in November. Here is his wisdom panel results. Not at all what we were guessing, but this combo has created a sweet, gentle little lover of a pup! They guess he will be 27-32 pounds and 17-20 inches tall at full grown. So precious!!